Privacy Policy

The Diapered.Life is a community geared towards adults who wear diapers by choice or desire. As such, we know that this is a sensitive and private topic for most people. We respect your privacy.

This site does use cookies for various tracking purposes: Such as traffic analysis, authentication, preferences, etc. There are various browsing options that can be explored to limit the impact of cookies - but - those might negatively impact your site experience.

We do not SELL any of the personal information. Membership is deemed private. However, we recommend that at no time you post any personal identifiable information. Plain and simple, we don't need that.

Absolutely no site online is 100% secure. Data Breaches are real and cannot always be cirumvented. Before posting any information, review to make sure there is no information you would not want to be public.

For Members, we recommend joining using a free email account - such as - and not a business or personally used account. Our site is indexed and a personal email address could make it's way to the search engines.

Membership is free - but is required for certain activities such as Posting discussions. We will add more services for members and will update our policy as those services come online.